Long Slot Toasters are very useful for both family and fast food shops where people can easily make great quality toasts within a short time.

The people of the UK are fond of using toasting machines due to their quick toasting capability, perfect backing, etc.

The best thing about an extra-wide slot toasting machine is you can toast any bread slice without cutting and chopping the bread.

In addition, long slot type products are very easy to clean, and they are very long-lasting and durable compared with other small slot machines.

Top 10 Best Long Slot Toasters UK

There are several best toasters machines in the UK that you can buy without any hesitation.

Top 10 Best Long Slot Toasters UK

2 Slice Best Long Slot Toasters UK

Two long slot toasting machines are suitable for small families and offices where you can easily make any bread toasted quickly and comfortably.

Some have difficulty sizing the toasting bread slot due to being small, but the long slots suit all sizes of bread from different places, countries, etc.

1. Twinzee Wide Slot 2 Slice Retro Toaster

Twinzee Wide Slot 2 Slice Retro ToasterTwinzee is a renowned name in the sector of electronic products/Retro Toasters.

Twinzee Wide Slot Toaster is a stainless steel-made that is corrosion resistant and equipped with multiple features.

There is a two extra-large toasting slot where you can quickly toast any size of bread from the whole world.

Six browning settings facilities made this product very special and trendy. You can control your toast’s browning level perfectly.

With the removable crumb tray, you can clean dust without any hassle and tension. Interestingly, you are getting a money-back guarantee within using 30 days.

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2. Salter EK2652NG 2-Slice Toaster

Salter EK2652NG 2-Slice ToasterSalter EK2652NG is a premium quality toaster with great and fabulous features and functions. This toasting machine is best known for its wide slot and simple controls system.

The defrost setting and cancel function mean you can control this machine according to your desire and interest.

There are six levels of browning variable that you can use to make your toast and bread perfect.

Cleaning is very easy and simple. Just remove the crumb tray and dispose of all dust, the mess in the dustbin. Unfortunately, this machine has no bagel setting or bagel function, but the remaining facilities are excellent and fantastic.

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3. Tower Scandi T20027PNK 2 Slice Toaster

Tower Scandi T20027PNK 2 Slice ToasterTower Scandi T20027PNK is a renowned company with years of quality service among people. This is a two-slice toaster with multiple functions like a browning controlling facility and more.

There are seven browning controlling systems that you can use for your desired browning-colored toast.

With this fantastic toasting machine, you can quickly and perfectly make bread, muffins, bagels, and crumpets with their original taste. Defrost setting and Re-heat functions are worth the money.

Cord storage facility made this product fantastic, and with this facility, you can keep your kitchen, office free from and dust messy. Interestingly, you can get a three-year warranty on this machine.

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4. Slabo 2 Slice Toaster Automatic

Slabo 2 Slice Toaster AutomaticSlabo Stainless Automatic is a two slice toaster made with modern design and technology. In this best toaster machine, you can toast two slices of bread at the same time.

There is a fantastic bread roll attachment system where you can bake rolls easily with actual great taste. This Toasting machine is equipped with five settings where you can control your bread’s browning condition according to your desire and interest.

The unique defrost feature gives you the opportunity of baking frozen bread quickly and fast. Interestingly, you can cancel the toasting process by the given stop button that means you can control the whole machine and stop toasting if you do not need it.

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5. Magimix 2-Slot Vision Toaster

Magimix 2-Slot Vision ToasterMagimix 2-Slot Vision Toaster is a fantastic product with various premium and best quality materials. This is an extra-wide slot machine where you will get variable browning functions for your desired toast.

The most beautiful thing is its toughened glass viewing window. You can see and monitor the condition of your toasts from outside without opening the window of the roaster.

The slide-out crumb tray is very effective, and you can easily clean any dust, two slice versions, and mess to keep your kitchen, shop smooth, and hygienic. Interestingly, you will get a three years gold seal guarantee with these precious toasting kitchen appliances.

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4 Slice Best Long Slot Toasters UK

Toasters are very useful for making breakfast, snacks easily and quickly. Many toasters existed in the current market, but the 4 Slice Best Long Slot Toasters UK is fantastic in looking with the best quality.

With four slice models machine, you can quickly toast four long slices of bread types perfectly. There are several 4 Slice best wide slot toasting machines UK are given below that you can buy.

1. Arendo Automatic 4 Slice Toaster Long Slot

Arendo Automatic 4 Slice Toaster Long SlotArendo Automatic is a long slot Toaster with multiple handy features and facilities where you will get a storage cabinet warmer facility.

As it has an extra-large slot, you can toast any type and any size of bread easily and perfectly. There are seven degrees of gilding facility that made it premium.

With this Toasting machine, you can easily make bagels, croissants, baguettes quickly and smoothly. Canceling feature, automatic centering of the homemade bread features are very engaging and amazing.

Four slice of bread can be toasted at the same time. Cleaning is very easy. Just remove the removable crumb tray and dispose of all dust.

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2. Breville Lustra 4-Slice Toaster Wide Slots

Breville Lustra 4-Slice Toaster Wide SlotsBreville Lustra Four Slice Toaster is made of stainless steel where toaster slot are extra Wide Slots have been added so that people can easily toast thin and thick and taller slices of bread perfectly.

Here you can control 2 slots differently, and you can toast different types of breads and toasts at a time. Several excellent functions will give you a premium feel of the toasting machine.

The high Lift function is superb, where you can lift and remove smaller items easily, and there is no possibility of burning hands. Lift and look function, mid-cycle cancel function, defrost settings, re-heat functions are interesting and valuable.

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3. Aigostar 4-Slice Extra Wide Long Slots Toaster

Aigostar 4-Slice Extra Wide Long Slots ToasterAigostar Extra Wide Long Slots Toaster is a fantastic toasting machine with seven browning settings that means you can make the toast pops as brown as you like.

This toasting machine is powered with 1600 watt power and made with 27 cm extra-large slots to make any bread toasted. Interestingly, you can re-heat pastry and rolls with this four slot toaster machine.

With the seven browning control settings, you can make your bread crispy as you like. Amazingly, you can stop toasting while working. The crumb tray is drawer type.

For that reason, you can easily and quickly clean the machine.

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4. Tower Bottega T20017 4 Slice Toaster

Tower Bottega T20017 4 Slice ToasterTower Bottega T20017 is a 1630W stainless steel made Toaster machine where you can toast four bread slices at one time.

There are several controlling toast settings like defrost, cancel, re-heat, and other handy features.

With the removable crumb tray, you can smoothly clean all dust without any hassle.

Variable Width Slots browning control and self-centering functions are convenient and practical.

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5. Charles Bentley 4 Slice Toaster

Charles Bentley 4 Slice Toaster

Charles Bentley Four Slice Toaster is multiple functional machine where you can toast four slice at a time.

Defrost Function and re-heat buttons are very fantastic and helpful for fast and perfect toast making. Interestingly, you can re-heat your frozen toasts easily and perfectly. Most importantly, you can cancel toasting during its backing bread slices.

There are six browning controlling levels where you can make your toast brown as your desire. Cord storage, loading handle facilities made this product perfect. You will get a two-year guarantee with this toasting machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Long Slot Toasters

Which Toaster has the Longest Slots?

All upper toasting machines are made with extra-large slots for a perfect bread toasting. Aigostar 4-Slice Extra Wide Long Slots have a little longer and extra-large toasting slots around 27m extra-wide. Moreover, most of the toasting machines are almost similar in size and quality.

Are Long Slot Toasters Good?

Definitely, extra-wide slot toasters are very useful and popular. Long slot machines are global versions where any bread will be adjusted easily and perfectly. Interestingly, in a long slot toasting machine, you can toast both long slices of bread and small bread slices. On the other hand, some people fall into difficulty with thick slices and large slices of bread on the small slot material.

What is the Best Toaster on the Market UK?

Today’s world is very competitive and modern, and everyone is looking for the best toasters. So, most of the companies keep the standard almost the same in terms of same quality products. In terms of features, functions, and toasting cycle, Breville Lustra 4-Slice Wide Slots is the best budget toaster on the market UK due to its multiple features and facilities comparatively with other toasting machines current market in the UK.

What is the Best 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster?

Breville Lustra Four Slice Toasters are the best four slices extra-wide slot toasters where you will get multiple features and functions comparatively than others. For example, here you can control 2 slots, and it can be toasted evenly two types of cold toast, bagel at the same time, which is impressive.