Toaster Ovens Made in the USA

The most adaptable kitchen equipment in your home is the toaster oven. High-end ovens can completely do away with the requirement to utilize a full-size oven. You can get extra crispy waffles, hash browns, and French fries with the help of the several air fryers that are now available.

We evaluated many models of Toaster Ovens Made in the USA at various price ranges and discovered a definite winner in this area. For more information on how we are evaluated and what to look for in best toaster ovens on the market, scroll down after seeing our top selections.

Top 5 Toaster Ovens Made in the USA

1. Comfee Compact Countertop Toaster Oven

You could find the item you’ve been looking for in one of our products. The oven has three cooking options: toast, bake, and broil. A timer that can be adjusted to 30 minutes is already built into it (which is the ideal time to get the perfect shade of brown on your toasts). Additionally, it includes a stay-on feature that enables longer baking.

  • Its small dimensions let you position it wherever in your kitchen.
  • Extended toasting and baking times
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2. COSORI 12-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven

This 12-in-2 gadget will undoubtedly alter how you perceive toaster ovens with several functions. It includes two excellent knobs and lights that provide you excellent control over the features this machine has to offer. Utilizing the air fryer allows you to cook with around 80% less fat.

  • Convenient operation and design
  • Includes all essential utensils
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3. NUWAVE BRAVO XL Convection Oven with the FIT (Flavor Infusion Technology)

Possibly the best toaster convection oven on the market is the Bravo XL. It is enormous in terms of size. A complete rotisserie chicken may be easily stored within. This product has many additional features and benefits that will blow you away.

  • Has a cookbook and all the essential supplies
  • Significant dimensions and best convection toaster
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4. BLACK+DECKER Countertop Toaster Oven

One of the top oven brands, BLACK+DECKER, has important characteristics that might be useful to you in the kitchen. With its exact 30-minute timer, detachable crumble tray, and other features, you can give your toasts the ideal browning level. This is, in our opinion, the greatest toaster oven for baking, given these qualities.

  • Includes four cooking options.
  • Gives you all the supplemental benefits you may need.
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5. Geek Chef Air Fryer Toaster Oven

This device is made by the elite brand Geek Chef, which excels in producing special appliances. One knob or dial is needed to operate this multipurpose toaster oven. Pick the cooking function by rotating the knob to the proper places. Stainless steel is used both inside and outside, giving it the durability and dependability we discussed and the wonderful cleaning element.

  • Offers a wide variety of cooking and operational temperature options like otg oven.
  • Stainless steel construction ensures great toughness and lifespan.
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How we evaluated toaster ovens made in the United States?

In addition to browning bread, a toaster oven can bake, roast, broil, and thaw food. We prepared the following dishes to test these multitasking abilities:


Whether an oven has a pre-programmed “pizza” setting or not, we manually adjust the temperature settings or use the broiler setting. We preheated each machine for five minutes before baking as they were not equipped with preheat settings.


Two pieces of bread were toasted on each appliance’s medium setting while fully loaded to test each one. The machine was given points if it produced toast fast and effectively; if it took a long time or produced poor results, it was docked points.


We cooked a chicken thigh and leg, drenched in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper, for those who did well in the first three exams.


We portioned out homemade chocolate chip cookies and overnighted frozen them. The next day, we cooked them four on a rack. We utilized the baking sheets with the corresponding convection ovens or toaster ovens for the pizza and cookie testing.

Air frying

We also tried to crisp up tater tots and chicken tenders in the appliances marketed as air fryer-toaster oven combinations.

What we were seeking?

We needed an oven that could toast bread repeatedly without burning it and provide a uniform color on both sides. We wanted the cookies to have crispy edges, golden exteriors, and melty inside. We sought roast chicken with crispy, golden skin and juicy, fully cooked flesh. We took into account its effectiveness, usability, style, and design.

Considerations before Purchasing American-Made Toaster Ovens

Before moving on to the top, you must be completely knowledgeable about toaster ovens. We will thus provide you with all the information you need to know about toaster ovens before we show you the toaster oven reviews. Snug up!

Simple Control

No one likes to spend too much time using a single oven, whether they are preparing a complicated cuisine or are just heating leftovers from yesterday. As a result, when you try to get one, be sure it promises simple and easy control over practically everything. This comprises:

  • Temperature regulation (opt for the ones with knobs or dials)
  • Exact times
  • Show programmable cooking modes

Additionally, each of these regulatory keys needs to be located easily. The oven can be controlled easily and quickly if the switches and dials are placed conveniently.


The benefits it offers for cooking are the first thing you must remember. That refers to the capabilities the oven offers. The kind of cooking you could conduct with the item depends on this.

Therefore, knowing this function is more important than knowing which toaster oven or toaster made in USA is the finest. The more alternatives you have in this situation, the better.


Money is a crucial component in any situation. Whether you have a lot of money, you still need to manage your money wisely. Create a budget, consider the features and traits you desire, and then determine whether your budget can support them.

Setting up

You will want to position your electric oven properly when you buy one. To do it, the product must have small dimensions that allow for flexible placement. It should also be lightweight, making it simple for you to manipulate the object.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a toaster oven to make a cake?

In a toaster oven, yes, you can make cakes. In general, toaster ovens are not very large. It is merely 8 to 12 inches tall and only 15 to 18 inches wide, as was already said. Therefore, your pan should be small enough to fit inside your oven. For cakes to be baked precisely, your oven must be set at the proper temperature; otherwise, the cake’s sides will burn.

What do toaster ovens do?

Toast and other items are baked in a toaster oven, a compact electric household device. It is typically tiny, measuring between 15 and 18 inches and 8 and 12 inches tall. The primary purpose of a toaster oven is to save space and time while doing various specialized tasks, including toasting, baking, and reheating.

Is it safe to use foil in a toaster oven?

No, putting foil in a toaster oven is not a good idea. The temperature increases fast in toaster ovens because of the simplicity of their construction. This will lead to two significant issues for you.

1. Heat issue
2. Spark’s issue

Some oven manufacturers explicitly forbid foil in the toaster oven, while others fryer oven air still use it under certain circumstances.

Are toasters safe to use?

Toaster ovens are highly versatile and practical kitchen tools to have. However, because there is a possibility of injury and fire, it is crucial to know how to utilize kitchen equipment. Though unlikely, a twist of destiny might happen, just as with other machinery that uses hot components. It is crucial to read the full safety documentation of your kitchen appliance to be fully aware of the potential risks your model may provide.

Is it worthwhile to repair a toaster oven?

There aren’t many situations when that simple home equipment will be inappropriate. Here are a few instances of typical issues with toasters or kitchen appliances:

1. A blown a fuse leaves no power.
2. A defective timer prevented the device from automatically shutting down.
3. A malfunctioning thermostat that causes no heat or uncontrolled heat
4. Issues with the doors of toasters
5. Issues with the 2-slice or 4-slice toaster spring mechanism

Due to how simple these issues are, repairing a toaster, toaster oven, microwave oven, or countertop oven is typically worth the bother and time if you have the means to locate the necessary replacement parts. All manufacturers may not offer alternative portions to customers. The easiest option is to replace your toaster or kitchen appliance if you can’t find a replacement fuse, timer, thermostat, or another crucial part for this modest home equipment repair.