Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster Reviews

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster Reviews: Even if you’re in a star galaxy war, you can still enjoy the toast! Jedi Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster is a treat in the form of a toaster for any franchise fans out there.

Available with the decent imprinted graphics of the iconic Millennium Falcon on one side and a TIE Fighter on another side. Road to be a Jedi would never be more comfortable with slices of toast. Are you a Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance? Choose your side!

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster Reviews

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster is a fully working, even a decent toaster you can find at Amazon. It offers a unique breakfast experience for all Star Wars fans who love bread. Here is our review on Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster product.

Design and Appearance

There is no right or lousy side; Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster is a “merchandised” toaster that all Star Wars fans can accept. The manufacturer makes the toaster with two significant sides of the franchise, the Empire and Rebel symbols.

No matter what side you choose, the toaster offers an exceptional Star Wars breakfast experience every day. Starting a day with perfectly browned toasts that come out from the Galactic Empire’s machine is an excellent experience for all Star Wars fans.

The design is impressive as the black coating is neatly written throughout the body, so you can barely see joints of each body side. In other words, Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster is fully wrapped with the themed design, which is so satisfying.

The toaster gives you full enjoyment with the design. It enlivens your kitchen and breakfast set in your home that you can enjoy every morning. In terms of collection, Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster becomes an economical option since you won’t have to buy a separate machine for each side.

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster Reviews

Controllable Browning Setting

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster isn’t only a stylish breakfast gadget, but it also features variable browning control you can adjust to get the desired brown. Whether you want chewy toast or perfect golden brown, you can change the browning control.

The staged browning dial is placed on the width side, so the long side that hosts the Millennium Falcon picture is left undisturbed. There are four stages of browning you can control in Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster with the canceling annular if you want to go somewhere between the variables.

It’s quite surprising to find this variable browning feature in a toaster below $20. FYI, the browning control works, and you can achieve the browning experience like from toasters with higher prices. Even the dial has the same black finishing with the body, elegantly Star Wars appearance.

Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter “Fight” in One Toaster

Choosing a side, whether in Han Solo’s or Darth Vader, doesn’t require you to buy a separate toaster. Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster comes to accommodate Darth Vader in one side and Millennium Falcon on another side.

You can enjoy the Star Wars adventure through your breakfast without splitting the machine. Enjoy both sides in Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster with toasted bread coming out from their clashes. These would give you a complete Star Wars breakfast experience.

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster gives a full appearance for both Star Wars’ space ships on both sides. They’re fully printed on the sides of the toaster body with the grayscale graphics and fully metallic-blacked background.

Imprinted Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance Symbol

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster comes with two toasting slots and imprinted Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance symbols on each slot. Let us make it clear for you; the symbols are molded to the toasting elements.

As the toasting process has been completed, you’d get browned bread with a Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance symbol on their surface. The browning marks the emblem on your bread, and you’d get two battling sides for each toasting. It’s very cool!

More Full Slots with Easy Rising

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster Reviews: If you love to have bigger loaves toasted for your breakfast, you can work together; you’d have no problem with Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster. It has wider slots to accommodate wider loaf slices.

The slots are featured with self-centering bread lines, so you won’t need to manually adjust the position before and after the bread enters the toaster. Some toasters give you a painful experience as you can hardly center the bread that results in uneven browning.

With Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster, you’d always get even browned bread every day with no problems.

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster also features a plunger that allows you to pull toast out with no force. You can lift the toast highly and safely by pressing the plunger handle.

The mounting height is ideal, so that you won’t burn your finger. Some toasters have flawed designs that do not raise the bread high enough after toasting, making it difficult and dangerous to pull out the bread. Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster, you can easily take your breakfast bread out very quickly.

Customer Reviews

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster is a toasting gadget every Star Wars fans dream of with great design and functionality. It’s currently available at Amazon with 4.1 out of 5.0 stars and other design styles, including Superman, Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, Captain America, and Batman.

Most customers adore the design, lightweight, and giftable products. Some unsatisfied buyers refer to its limited usage, low build quality, not returnable, and toast burning issues. Overall, customers are satisfied with their purchases on Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster products.

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster Reviews


Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster is a well-designed toaster you can get at a meager price. The imprinted Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter on both sides are just adorable.

The mechanical toasting design with a high rise and the easy plunger helps a quick breakfast with toasted bread. Variable browning is a great feature that exceeds its price. If you’re a Star Wars fan who wants a Jedi’s breakfast experience every day, Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster is a great, cheaper gadget option you can purchase.