Nostalgia RTOS200AQ Retro Series 2 Slice Bagel Toaster Review


The Nostalgia RTOS200AQ Retro Series 2 Slice Bagel Toaster offers the home appliances of yours with an essential element. This 750W toaster comes with a retro red shell that is reminiscent of the 1950s era designs. Extra-wide slots are ideal for bagels, English muffins, homemade bread, and much more.

A slide-out crumb tray helps you have the inside pristine. Five browning defrost and configurations, bagel, and also cancel buttons provide total control.

There were lots of choices that range from sixteen dollar cheapies to devices priced at very well over two hundred dollars. The Nostalgia RT0S200 caught the eye of mine. It was affordable and pretty appealing in a 1950s retro style.

Nostalgia RTOS200AQ Retro Series 2 Slice Bagel Toaster Review


The Nostalgia RTOS200AQ Retro Series 2 Slice Bagel Toaster is specially created for a consistent business or house use. Prepare the ideal toast or maybe bagels desired for your breakfast with this innovative and new toaster.

To cook a bagel has never been easier with a useful 900-watt toaster prepared to tackle all of the toasting must have of yours. 2 big toasting slots offer adequate space for toasting everything out of thick slices of bread to bagel halves.

Nostalgia RTOS200AQ Retro Series 2 Slice Bagel Toaster Review

Toaster Size

It’s 6.89 inches across, 7.67 in tall, and also 10.83 inches deep.

Toaster Weight

This particular toaster weighs in at 2.2 pounds.

Appearance and Design

The appearance and size is compact and fashionable. It’s available in a brilliant retro white color to impart a visual appeal to the location it’s been maintained.

Two bagels sized slots pierce the stainless-steel top surface. The primary body of this particular product consists of aqua plastic, though the front is colored gray.

Shiny plastic and retro decals racing stripes add color and contrast to the design. The toaster’s face has a lever, revolving buttons, and timing dial utilized to defrost, toast bagels, and stop operations.

Mixed Browning Levels

The Nostalgia Retro Series 2 Slice Toaster has a handy dial to select from five different browning alternatives. This particular function provides for cooking the preferred degree of browned toast as per the liking of any family member. For additional convenience, there’s a storage spot beneath the product for the cord.

Adjust the doneness by selecting from 5 browning levels for darkly or lightly toasted bread. Additionally featured are defrost and also cancel choices, together with a bagel button, which automatically changes the toasting period for thicker bread as English muffins and bagels.


  • Extra-wide toasters
  • Three control buttons
  • Simple cord storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Car Shut Removable and off Crumb Tray
  • Each management button illuminates when pressed for quick recognition

The power cord is 3 feet in length and may be wrapped around the bottom part of the device when a shorter period is much more appealing.

This particular toaster includes bold, in the face type styling of yours. The face is composed of white plastic material, which contrasts efficiently with the full metallic aqua-colored sides.

Racing stripes along with a plastic decal put in a retro touch. Small red-colored LEDs is going to illuminate if the defrost, bagel, and stop buttons are pressed.

The Manufacturer

Nostalgia Products Group, LLC Trademark Nostalgia Electrics. This business was created in 2008 and is found in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Nostalgia manufacturers produce many kitchen appliances and have already been doing this for over a decade.

The notable kitchen appliances incorporate programmable coffee makers, food processors, microwave oven, and toasters. Toasters are incredibly helpful tools to prepare breakfast or maybe some additional snack items easily and quickly.


The Nostalgia RTOS200AQ seems to be well constructed and has now proved trouble-free over the time I’ve owned this toaster. At first, we ware concerned that heat transference might discolor the clear plastic overlaying of this particular unit, though the heat of the toaster’s sides and front don’t increase beyond a light warmth.

Operating Procedure

This particular machine operates in the same fashion as any bagel able toaster. Bread is toasted by inserting it within the openings and also depressing the front-mounted lever.

Food preparation time is modified by rotating a dial. Defrost or bagel setting might be selected by pressing the correct button, and even toast is usually ejected at any moment by pressing the cancel button.

An easily removable crumb paper tray is located at the bottom. As I’ve just recently discovered, this tray must be emptied at frequent intervals.


I was fast in the position to choose the proper dial position to create lightly toasted bagels, English muffins, and bread. When toasting bagels, I often forget to press the bagel button, though it doesn’t seem to make a positive change. The defrost button wasn’t tested.


  • Comparatively bigger toast slots
  • Instructive control buttons
  • Three settings including cancel, defrost, and bagel options
  • The cord storage area in the bottom part of the unit
  • Five various browning levels
  • Slide-out crumb tray for cleaning that is easy

Easy Cleaning

There’s additionally a provision made for a handy slide-out tray that allows for regular maintenance and easy cleaning of the toaster.

Nostalgia RTOS200AQ Retro Series 2 Slice Bagel Toaster Review


When you’re mainly concerned with value, this particular appliance isn’t for you. Toasters of comparable performance plus quality may be bought for around two-thirds of this unit’s price by Nostalgia.

When I stumble, bleary-eyed, into the home for the 1st coffee of mine of the early morning, nonetheless, this particular gaudy small toaster hardly ever fails to bring a smile to the mouth of the mine.

Because of this, I have never regretted the investment. The Nostalgia RTOS200AQ is highly recommended. Nostalgia RTOS200AQ Retro Series 2 Slice Bagel Toaster Review