Hamilton Beach 6slice Toaster Oven Review

The Hamilton Beach 31512 convection oven is a great mid-range option. The Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven saves time, energy, and kitchen space.

If you spend a little time and really familiarize yourself with the instructions and the different settings, this convection microwave oven could be the most versatile on the market. And, if that’s not enough, there are plenty of useful presets like popcorn, potatoes, and drinks.

So, here let’s know more about this oven and is it worth buying?

Hamilton Beach 6slice Toaster Oven Review

More than half of the population uses the convection oven to cook meals. This household appliance is subtly embedded in households. The Hamilton Beach 31512 convection oven is a great mid-range option. It’s not as expensive as the Breville oven and others that we review further down the list, but it’s still really high quality.

Plus, this product is a microwave convection oven, giving you even more cooking options. You can choose from the following settings: microwave, convection, quick convection cook, barbecue/combo, keep warm, thaw.

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The Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven saves time, energy, and kitchen space. With its vast surface region and convection fan system, the Hamilton Beach stove can cook an assortment of food varieties all the more usually connected with customary ovens.

The advantage of using the convection option is that it cooks food evenly and quickly, avoiding hot spot traps. Believe it or not, the Hamilton Beach Oven fits six slices of bread, a 6-pound chicken, a seven-pound roast, or a nine-inch pizza.

The cooking possibilities in this 6-slice oven are endless, plus added peace of mind with safety features like the 30-minute timer with automatic shutoff and the hood ready. This unit also comes with a removable baking tray, broil rack, and crumb tray for more cooking options and easy cleanup.


The toaster oven is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances that can perform many different functions. There are models that have special programs for baking or crunching food. Before making your final choice, think about the scenarios for using the oven.

The crumb tray will make cleaning your toaster oven much easier as you can quickly pull it out and wash it in the sink under running water. Unfortunately, not all models are equipped with this pallet, so be sure to pay attention to such seeming trifles.

If you plan to use the oven to heat individual portions and prepare small meals, then go for the compact model. For large families, there are large enough devices that allow you to cook a whole turkey. Before buying, be sure to think about where you will place the oven. Take measurements to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Body Material

The plastic housing of budget toasters must be resistant to heat and not emit dangerous vapors. If a metal case is used, it should not burn fingers or leave fingerprints.

Number of Slots

The 6-portion model will take up more kitchen space, it is more practical for a large family. 6 portion toasters are often equipped with two different thermostats, allowing you to simultaneously cook toast with different degrees of browning.

The width of the slicing slot. The wide slot is required if you are cutting the bread into thick slices of different thicknesses, or for toasting rolls, bagels, and other baked goods that differ in shape from a regular loaf.

The Number Of Browning Modes

The ideal toaster oven can toast bread from extremely light to exceptionally dim. A similar dish should deliver a similar shade without fail.

Tray for Breadcrumbs and Lifting Height

The pull-out tray makes it easy to clean the appliance of crumbs. The helpfully planned plate can be securely pulled out in any event, when the toaster oven is as yet hot.

Pick a toaster oven that has the cuts brought high up in the space for simple access. Some models are equipped with an additional level of lifting of small pieces of bread, which will not burn your fingers when you take them out.

Power Consumption

Hamilton Beach oven usually has power between 950 W and 1,500 W. In this way, Hamilton Beach 31512 oven of about 1,300 watts turned on for an hour, at full power, that 1.3 kilowatts will be consumed / hour.

High-Quality Pans

The included pans that come with the Hamilton Beach 31512 are covered in high-quality enamel, making them much stronger than the standard pans that come with many toaster ovens. I have no doubt that these will rise in time.

The included cookie sheets are also made with the same glaze and I’ve already used them. The peanut butter cookies I made with this oven turned out amazing, and my kids will attest to that.

Cleaning Process

The front door opens completely flat, making the shelves and crumb tray easy to remove for cleaning. The large interior and light help in this too, so it’s easy to take the rag inside and see what you’re doing.

Product Description

  • Package Weight: 5.64 kg
  • Measurements: 29 x 37 x 48 cm
  • Material: metal
  • Model: 31512
  • Warranty months: 12
  • Warranty: Factory Defects Only
  • Condition: New
  • Color: black
  • Screen Size: 1
  • Package Contents: Toaster Oven
  • SKU: 31512

Good Key Takeaways

  • The Hamilton Beach 31512 toaster oven uses 1300 watts to preheat and cook efficiently.
  • The convection mode is ideal for baking.
  • It features an automatic shutoff and an automatic ejection grill for a more foolproof approach to cooking.
  • The functional design makes it easy to learn to use intuitively.
  • It has a spacious 0.5 cu. Ft. Capacity and 10 preset cooking functions.

Hamilton Beach 31512 Convection Oven Functions and Features

So, let’s know about its functions and features…


You can place the frozen food you want to cook and with the “defrost” function of your oven, you will be able to fine-tune them. Pay attention not to cook or appear boiled. This type of oven is ideal for cooking small frozen dishes.


To cook, turn on your oven and set the thermostat to 180 degrees, set the timer for the time you expect your dish to be done, let it heat up, and when it reaches temperature, you introduce your dish to cook.


To grill some food, select the ‘grill’ option from your oven menu and program it according to the food you are going to cook. Always use the special tray that comes with the appliance. You have to be careful controlling the process, because this type of oven has a lot of power and uses energy very well, and they tend to grill very quickly.


With the heating function, you have the possibility to keep your dishes warm, to enjoy them as freshly made. Although you should not trust yourself and let a long time pass since they could dry out too much and lose their flavor.

Good Roaster:

This toaster oven is ideal for toasting a sandwich and giving your bread a golden, crispy topping. Another great thing about this toaster oven is that it is not very hot outside at all. A common problem with most toaster ovens is that the exterior can get hot enough to burn, but the Hamilton Beach 31512 barely gets hot at all. A great safety feature, especially if you have kids in the house like me.

User-friendly Features Reviews:

The toaster oven isn’t just a decent alternative to classic toasters. It can easily replace a conventional oven, since the device allows you to cook almost any dish, including baked goods and meat. In addition, the cooking process is greatly accelerated as the toaster oven starts up instantly.

You don’t need to preheat it to the desired temperature. In addition, there are toaster ovens with infrared heaters. This technology is similar to how microwaves work, but it takes a completely different approach. The result is achieved through a set, not microwaves, so such ovens are completely safe.

However, in quiet ovens, it is quite difficult to control the temperature, so they are not suitable for preparing many dishes. Here are the parameters you should look for when choosing a toaster oven.

Convection Options Review:

This is a convection toaster, which is consistently something extraordinary to have. This means that this oven cooks quickly and even faster than ovens without a convection fan. Two racks are included that can be used at the same time; bake two 12-inch pizzas at a time, amazing!

As for the toasting capacity, it is adequate, although the cooking and cooking capacities are far superior and, in my opinion, they are the highlight of this model.

The most popular convection models, which are equipped with a special fan so that hot air circulates inside as quickly as possible. This greatly speeds up the cooking process of any food. The inherent convection fan makes a brilliant outside on the food being prepared.

Additional functions of the timer and back-light help you to monitor the state of readiness of the dish without opening the door. When preparing, this capacity ends up being vital since the progression of cold air from the comparatively open entryway will influence the state of the batter.

Good Value For Money:

It should be understood that a high-quality toaster oven cannot be very cheap, since it is still a rather complicated device. Nevertheless, among the budget options, there are good ovens that do an excellent job with the tasks.

Pros and Cons


  • This includes defrosting bread, reheating buns, and auto-centering the slice.
  • Furthermore, a few toaster ovens join the elements of other kitchen apparatuses.
  • A roaster toaster will melt the cheese on a sandwich and toast the eggs.
  • The grill toaster copes with roasting meat and vegetables.
  • The toaster sandwich maker will prepare filled sandwiches.
  • The drop button will stop the cooking system and keep the bread from scorching if the mode is inaccurately chosen.
  • Some models are equipped with a pause button to evaluate the degree of browning of the bread in the middle of the cycle without interrupting it.
  • In the case of mechanical control, you will have to manually adjust the settings and control the toasting of the bread.


  • High force toaster ovens earthy colored bread quicker yet don’t ensure amazing searing.
  • The leftover time is displayed on the LCD and permits you to compute the planning of some espresso or tea while making toast.
  • Drawing on a toast.
  • Toaster ovens, intended for toasting bread for kids, consume a particular example on the cut utilizing an extraordinarily planned warming component.
  • The model has a plastic case, panels with non-stick coating.
  • There is a clamp-retainer for holding the halves of the sandwich maker during operation and a ready indicator.

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Those wondering which is the best convection oven on the market will immediately have the instinct to look at this appliance giant. For years, Hamilton Beach 31512 has been able to find the winning formulas to meet the needs of each user.

It has many cooking modes, which will allow you to vary your recipes as much as possible. You have the choice between bain-marie, traditional heat, hot air, pastry, rotisserie, grill and defrost.

Following quite a while of regular use in our kitchen, the Hamilton Beach 31512 is as yet continuing forward. We actually love it. Nonetheless, some client experience alternatives have arisen that we trust Hamilton Beach 31512 will address in future updates.

It is beautiful and decorative. It allows low temperature cooking and enhances products that are difficult to cook. The advantage of this convection oven is that it has one of the best value for money. But, it has some flaws in terms of operation.

It takes enough time for the oven to come to room temperature. It is quite large so make sure you have the counter space before picking one up.  Easy to clean, it takes less time to wash the dishes.

In case you are searching for the comfort of a quicker method to cook your family’s dishes, the Hamilton Beach Convection Toaster Oven is a brilliant decision.

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