Elite Gourmet 2-Slice Toaster Maxi Matic ECT-227

If you are looking for the best toaster that can fit your kitchen without drama, the Elite Gourmet 2-Slice Toaster Maxi Matic ECT-227 can be included in your wish list because of right reason.

As a start, let us describe this appliance as an excellent slot toaster, bagel, defrost and Cancel functions which can cater to two slices at the same time. The primary material of the body is stainless steel, which is durable and resilient. It will be your best company for many years in the future.

Elite Gourmet 2-Slice Toaster Maxi Matic ECT-227 Reviews

Elite Gourmet 2-Slice Toaster Maxi Matic ECT-227 comes with the versatility which comes with the versatile features including the bagel, defrost, cancel button, as well as the informative LED indicators. You will have the perfect crisp toast every morning, or specific shades which you are fond of for your bread.

Elite Gourmet is indeed an excellent brand which is a great deal. It has lines of fantastic kitchen appliances. This 2 Slice toaster is one of them.


The stainless steel finish on the body adds sturdiness and strength. This companion is a tough guy in the morning, day, and night. You can use it anytime you want. It will perform with its fantastic robustness.

Appearance and Design

The compact space-saving design makes it easier to arrange and rearrange the kitchen without any hassle. The compactness is helpful if you are focusing on space-saving design. With the addition of this appliance, you will have a clutter-free countertop in your home.

The Important Features

When you take a look at a toaster, you will surely check on its core features. In this case, there are four main features which you can hit to provide the excellent quality of bread for your morning.

There are three primary services which will accompany you every morning, including Toasting, Bagel, and Defrost. As you’d expect from an appliance called toaster.

The Elite Gourmet 2-Slice Toaster Maxi Matic ECT-227 comes with a toaster with seven various shades which you can set to provide the best toasts that meet your taste.

Elite Gourmet 2-Slice Toaster Maxi Matic ECT-227 Reviews

Bagel Feature

Bagel Button is a central feature in the modern toaster appliance. The bagel mode is relevant to the toast items such as Bagels, or English Muffins.

As we know that the Bagels and English Muffins are thicker so that it can take much longer time to finish compared to the regular bread to toast. When you select the bagel button, the toaster will adjust the toasting time presuming that you are inserting thicker bread.

If you notice that the shades are too dark too fast, you could hit the Cancel button to stop the toasting process.

There are two extra-wide slots for bagels and other forms of slices of bread. If you are fond of various bread, there’s a chance that you get the multiple shapes of food from the market. You can rest assured that this buddy can handle any type of bread that you take in the morning.

We’d like to give two thumbs up to the bagel function which can toast the bagels or other thicker bread to perfection. It can make your bread crispy without making it burned on the outside.

Defrost Feature

Defrost settings work to help you to prepare the frozen bread to get toasted without burning. As we can expect from the frozen broad, it will require extra time to overcome the toasting cycle.

From the defrost to the browning, the bread will require a much longer time than the regular temperature bread. That means you don’t need to adjust the browning setting to prevent the burning. You just need to hit the defrost button and let the toaster work it out for you.

The defrost function is also a star. It allows the users to toast the frozen bread to the perfectly toasted ones without drama. Whether you have leftover pop tarts from yesterday or the frozen pieces of bread that you want to prepare in the morning, you just need to hit the defrost function button to overcome this challenge.

Cancel Feature

Cancel feature is essential if you want to cancel the process for any reason. The cancel button can automatically eject the toast and then cancel the toasting feature. It is a useful feature which can help you to prevent your toast from getting burned.

Hit the cancel button, and your toast will get ejected automatically. If you notice something goes south with your bread, you can hit the Cancel Button. Never use metal utensils to remove the food.

Maintenance and Cleaning

It also comes with the removable crumb tray which can help you to clean up the mess every after the toasting cycle, or once in a while. Maintenance and cleaning of the Maxi Matic ECT-227 are simple and straightforward.

Removable crumb tray for fast and easy clean up is something which you’d like to have in any toaster. All you need to do is just remove the crumb tray and clean up the tray from the crumbs and other mess. Routine cleaning will also reduce the burn odors in your kitchen.

The toaster has self-centering guides for even toasting. In case you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to make the bread centered, this toaster can help you solve the problem. And when the toasting cycle ends, the extra-lift feature will lift the toast higher for safer removal. This will protect your fingers from the heat.

Why is this Toaster Relevant for You?

If you have been living a hectic life with such tight time, the Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic ECT-227 can help you out to cut down the toasting time. You can just insert the bread and leave it while you can do your chores or other morning routines. In the end, you can only rely on your toaster for fantastic food in the morning.

Elite Gourmet 2-Slice Toaster Maxi Matic ECT-227 Reviews


It is hard to see the downsides of this toaster. The Elite Gourmet 2-Slice Toaster Maxi Matic ECT-227 comes with the beautiful stainless steel finish and compactness. It won’t be a struggle to arrange your kitchen in such a way everybody will be comfortable there. The versatility of the Elite Gourmet ECT-227 is the winning factor here.