Dash Clear View Toaster Review

Dash Clear View Toaster Review: Having toaster at home means enjoying a great breakfast experience every day. However, most typical toasters come with a robust design that hides your bread when toasted.

While these toasters may have some control and variable features, it’s still challenging to achieve the browning you desire. The design problem is quite apparent; it’s because you can’t monitor the toasting process. At this point, the Dash Clear View Toaster has the solution for you.

Dash Clear View Toaster Review

Dash Clear View Toaster is a modern style toaster with a clear see-through window with complete features. Sturdy construction and multiple controls extend your toasting experience. The toaster is ideal for any specialty bread and baked goods for valid reasons.

Extra Long Slots, Large Capacity

Dash Clear View Toaster FeaturesDash Clear View Toaster has extra-long slots that can load any size of bread slices. It can even accommodate two slices of a standard loaf in on the side.

Whether you want to toast a bagel or specialty bread for your breakfast, you can count on Dash Clear View Toaster. It accommodates twice the slot length the standard toasters can provide.

No matter what bread you want to eat today, you can always toast or reheat them with this toaster.

Multiple One-Touch Buttons that Works

Once you’re looking at Dash Clear View Toaster, you’d quickly find these one-touch buttons that allow you to apply three different modes include Bagel, Reheat, and Defrost. These extend your breakfast option with more types of bread you can toast with the machine.

Whether you want to toast specialty bread, bagels, loaves, big buns, and other baked goods, Dash Clear View Toaster can also cater to them thanks to its extra-wide slots. If you have frozen pieces of bread, you can simply touch Defrost mode and stop with the regular bread or continue with reheating it.

Dash Clear View Toaster Review

The bagel mode allows you to have a crisp texture outside and soft-warm inside of the bread. You can have these modes in one toasting machine, and you can enjoy diverse breakfasts every day.

Clear View Windows and 7-Level Browning Control

Dash Clear View Toaster 7 Browing LevelsWhile other typical toasters require you to sneak peek, Dash Clear View Toaster comes with see-through windows so you can conveniently view your bread’s browning process. This is the superb feature that you can’t find in other typical toasters. No more trial and error, no more over-browning or under browning with

As you might have known, the variable browning controls are a decent feature, but each type of bread reacts differently to each setting. With see-through windows, you can figure out if the bread has been browned to the desired level. Then, you have the 7-level browning control in Dash Clear View Toaster to accommodate your browning preferences with a decent auto-shutoff feature.

These allow you to toast your bread to the desired browning points without overheating issues. You want a toasted, not a roasted bread. On the other hand, this variable browning feature flexes your options toasting different baked goods and recipes.

Easy To Clean

Common issues of typical toasters include the hardness of cleaning the machine. Most toasters aren’t easily accessible for cleaning that consequently left with accumulated remains that ruin the taste of the bread and make the toaster less efficient.

Dash Clear View Toaster comes with a crumb tray so you can collect the toasting remains very quickly. The glass window can also slide out so it wouldn’t be painful to clean up the surface and keep it clear.

Overall, Dash Clear View Toaster is quick and easy to clean, ideal for the modern family. No more messy toasting and accumulated remains in your toaster.

Adorable Design

Dash Clear View Extra Wide Slot ToasterDash Clear View Toaster comes with adorable yet ergonomic design. Even with more full slots, the manufacturer can keep the toaster’s moderate size, so it only takes up little counter space in your kitchen. They have popular color options you can choose from.

The toaster looks sleek and sturdy with stainless steel accents that enhance its appearance. No matter what your home decor is, Dash Clear View Toaster would suit it with no problems. Not only these make Dash Clear View Toaster the must-have toaster, but it’s also perfect for a gift.

Valuable Purchase Inclusion

Unlike other comparable toasters in the market, Dash Clear View Toaster offers more valuable purchase inclusions. What’s irresistible is that a one-year warranty from the manufacturer backs your purchase on a Dash Clear View Toaster.

This way, you can have the necessary protection when using your toaster for the next 12 months to keep peace of the mind. This inclusion is quite rare, especially for the toasters at that price range.

On the other hand, your Dash Clear View Toaster purchase also includes recipe book and database access. Are you running out ideas for breakfast with toasts?

Get inspirational recipes from unlimited sources. There are thousands of free recipes you can execute with the toaster from Dash’s recipe database. It’s quite rare for a toaster having recipe bundling inclusion that usually included in typical cookware.

Extend your breakfast creativity with Dash Clear View Toaster.

Dash Clear View Toaster Review

Dash Clear View Extra Wise Slot Toaster Customer Reviews

Dash Clear View Toaster has become one of the most popular toasters in Amazon. It’s currently available with 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. Most buyers are satisfied with the functionality of how the see-through windows, presets, and browning dial work and enhance their toasting experience.

Some critics target the build quality and toasting performance that declines after several months. Overall, Dash Clear View Toaster is a toaster product with a high acceptance and high satisfaction rate.


The long slot, multiple presets, and the see-through windows make Dash Clear View Toaster unbeatable. If you’re looking for an extensive toasting and flexible breakfast experience, Dash Clear View Toaster could be your best answer. High satisfaction rate and the inclusion make it a valuable toaster you can invest in for your home use or gift.