Cuisinart CPT440 Touch to Toast Leverless 4slice Toaster

Cuisinart CPT440 Touch to Toast Leverless 4slice Toaster Review

If you are looking for a hundred dollar toaster for your home, you cannot go wrong with the Cuisinart CPT440 Touch to Toast Leverless 4slice Toaster. CPT 440 appearance can be stunning for those fond of the classy looking appliances in their house.

It has such a good body with a stainless steel structure. And as the name of the appliance suggests, it toasts the bread to perfection. If you have been enough with your outdated toaster, replacing it with the Cuisinart CPT 440 can be a great idea that you won’t regret.

The Technology

I have mentioned the LCD that shows the countdown of time. This unit also comes with abundant digital controls that eliminate the problems as you used the traditional toaster.

There are several functions that you can explore to make the toasts based on your personal choice. There is also the bagel toasting method with various settings. The engineers designed the toaster in such a way so that you won’t be bothered by cleaning it after using it.

The Durable and Sturdy Build

As mentioned, it comes with a stainless steel build. Cuisinart engineers did pay attention to the details so that they would have such a long-lasting toaster. As we know, anything made of stainless steel tends to be lasting longer.

Not to mention that this also gives such a cool look on your toaster. Many users who have been using this toaster for a while have praised it on the marketplace.

LCD Screen

The other aspect to note is the informative LCD screen in the toaster body. When you have chosen the setting, the next thing to do is press the toast button to get it to work.

When you toast your bread, the LCD screen will display some bars to inform you of the remaining cycle. These bars will disappear one by one to inform you of the remaining time of toasting.

The Presets and Scales

There’s a seven-point scale that allows the users to choose the level of shades of the bread. And the presets? If you’re familiar with common toaster models, you will not be surprised that this buddy comes with bagels, frozen items, as well as reheat feature.

In each preset, you can also apply the level of the doneness.

The Leverless Jaw-Dropping Moment

The leverless bit is what makes this toaster different from its competitors. When you start toasting, the unit will lower the pieces of bread into the toaster’s deeper side. And when it is getting near to the end cycle, the bread will rise back up.

When you see this, you will know that your delicious treats are ready to eat.

The Warranty

The manufacturer offers you a 3-year limited warranty. You can contact the manufacturer if there is any problem with the toaster, and they will help you out.

Pros and Cons


  • It has classy looking
  • The settings can bring satisfying result
  • Looks luxurious despite the cheap price tag


  • Lack of lever

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Final Words

With such a price tag, CPT 440 has everything you need to make your kitchen experience more fun. The warranty period is also the best selling point. We rarely see such a good offer at a particular price range. All in all, we’d like to recommend it if you need a reliable toaster that comes with a friendly price.