AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster Review

AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster Review: AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster is the best seller in the entry-level toaster in the world. And people have been raving about this appliance for a long time. It might trick you a bit and indulge your curiosity about how useful the appliance is.

AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster is a stylish, robust, versatile, but affordable 2-slice toaster originated by Amazon. The size is compact and lightweight. Its compact dimension makes it easier for space savers to love this toaster.

Not to mention that the AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster operational buttons are easy to use, and everyone can excel in it in a matter of seconds.

As you would have expected from a quality toaster, it comes with versatile features that you can tweak to get such wonderful results for bread for you and your family.

AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster Review

Perhaps, you realize that you need a replacement soon and came across this product on the marketplace but have no idea if it is the right choice or not. If this describes you much, you will want to read this AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster Review until you finish before deciding by yourself.

The Amazing AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster Overview

The toaster comes with six temperature settings, which you can adjust to your tastes and likeness when toasting the bread and bagels. Despite its compact dimension, you will notice the amazing wide slots that sit well on the toaster base. With these slots, you’d be able to insert the thicker slices of bread and bagels.

Precisely, each of the slots measures at 5.25 inches in length and 1.25 inches in width. That means you won’t need to slice your thicker bread in half to toast it. Don’t hesitate to be creative with your thicker bread and bagels.

AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster Review

The Three Big Buttons from the toaster

Three big buttons will boost your cooking rodeo. The first button which we’d like to highlight is the cancel button. There is no good toaster without the “cancel” button. The cancel button is used for stopping the cooking instantly. This button will be a great help if you notice that your toaster is burning your bread, or perhaps you see that the shade is already enough, and you want to stop the toasting.

Cancel Button

For any reason, you would rather have the “cancel” button in your toaster than not. The second button to note is the “defrost” button. The Defrost button is a sophisticated feature that allows you to toast your bread straight from the freezer. In this case, you won’t need to leave your bread on the table until it reaches room temperature.

Defrost Button

It would be a waste of time. Instead, you need to put your frozen bread in your toaster and hit the defrost button. No worry, the toaster won’t make your bread burn. Then there is the “bagel” button. Not all folks know exactly the primary function of the “bagel” button in a toaster.

Bagel Button

Well, the definition of the bagel button will indeed depend on the manufacturer of the product. But it is made for a common reason. As we know, bagels tend to be thicker and have more mass and volume than your regular bread. Therefore, it would need to take a long time and lower temperature to get it done correctly.

So, this toaster’s bagel feature allows you to toast longer with a similar level of toasting. Besides adding extra time to each of your toaster’s toasting cycle, it will lower the power output so that it won’t get your bagels burned on the surface. You can also use the bagel button feature to toast other thicker stuff like English muffins, biscuits, and so on.


AmazonBasics 2 Slot Toaster SettingsEach person has their unique taste and preference over the bread in the morning or at any other time.

Some people prefer lighter toast with darker shades; some prefer darker and crispier.

But some even prefer crisper with a lighter shade.

Well, it all depends on personal taste.

The creator AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster seems to know a lot about what it takes to make a perfect entry-level toaster for the household and regular users.

The AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster comes with the knob that you can use to adjust the specific settings from lower to higher for the shades of the toasts, as well as the crisp levels of the toast.

Meanwhile, you will notice there are orange indicator lights that will display the selected settings.

Convenience, comfort, and safety of the users

The last thing you want when making the toasts is to get your fingertips painful because of touching the hot slice of bread out of the toaster. If you know well about the toaster, touching the appliance’s sides won’t be a great idea.

However, the AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster comes with an extra-lift lever, which will take any sized bread out of the toaster so that your fingertips will be safe when retrieving the bread. There’s a 22-inch power cord with the cord wrap. It allows you to easily conceal the cord in any hidden areas, giving a clear and nice presentation of your toaster on the countertop of your kitchen.

The AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster makes all of the users convenient to maintain and clean it. Cleaning the toaster is very easy, thanks to the removable crumb tray which comes with the appliance. You can easily find it at the back of the toaster.


Just like any other product, the AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster comes with its pros and cons. So, I will transparently share the pros and cons of AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster below to give you reasons to make an informative decision.


  • Wide array shade settings to each user’s preferences and tastes
  • Toast up to 2 slices at once
  • Extra wide slots
  • Compact size and lightweightness
  • Have three great buttons: Cancel, Defrost, Bagel
  • Cord wrap for a tidy presentation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Thanks to the crumb tray, it is easy to clean and maintain
  • Good value for your money

Final Words

AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster has what it takes to be a great budget-friendly toaster for family, couples, and singles. But don’t get the wrong idea about cost-saving solutions. It comes with great versatility.

The AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster has such great reviews on Amazon, proving that many people have enjoyed this appliance experience. Well, it is your turn now.

AmazonBasics 2-Slot Toaster Review